Racing’s Second Triple Crown

Preakness Odds Announced for Horse Racing’s Second Triple Crown

Bet on the Preakness Most of the time in the triple crown of horse racing, the winner of the first race, the Kentucky Derby, is the favorite for the second, the Preakness. This year is no different as Derby winner Street Sense is the early favorite at 7-5.

The second and third place finisher’s in the Derby also received love from the oddsmakers, as hard spun, who finished second, has 5-2 odds, and, Curlin, who finished third, is at 7-2.

Circular Quay is the only other horse from the Derby in the nine horse field, he finished sixth in the Derby, and is at 8-1 in the Preakness.

The other five horses did not run two weeks ago at Churchill Downs. King of The Roxy is at 12-1, Xchanger 15-1. Legendary trainers Nick Zito and D. Wayne Lucas both have horses at 20-1 in CP West and Flying First Class, respectively. Neither Zito nor Lucas had a horse run in the Derby. The longshot is Mint Slewlep at 30-1.

Six of the past ten Derby winners and five of the past six favorites have won the Preakness. That is opposite of the Derby, where the favorite has had a hard time winning over the past few years.

The post positions are as follows:

1.Mint Slelep


3.Circular Quay


5.King of The Roxy

6.Flying First Class

7.Hard Spun

8.Street Sense

9.CP West

Patriots Looking To Match

Patriots Looking To Match Colts Offense in 2007-2008 Season

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New England has been on the top of the NFL universe for some time now, but after a disturbing playoff exit last season, the Patriots are reloading for another run at a Super Bowl win.

Randy Moss has been a bit of a common folk among football players the last few years, far from the player he was early in his career in Minnesota.

He never quite fit in Oakland and his unhappiness with playing on a losing team took his interest away from the game.

Now he gets another shot at becoming great in a place where players flock to revive their careers and their reputations. The New England Patriots have become the New York Yankees of football.

A couple of years ago a troubled Corey Dillon left his problems behind and became not only a model citizen, but also a Super Bowl champion. Moss is looking to follow Dillon’s path to the top, a path that goes directly through Bill Belicheck and the New England Patriots.

The Pats have added other big name receivers in Donte Stallworth and Wes Welker, who doubles as a top notch punt returner. The intent in camp this year is simple to see, be able to match the offense of the Indianapolis Colts, punch for punch.

New England will get a look at their revamped offense on Friday night when they travel to take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Bucs are favored by 2.5 and the total on the game is 33.

Tiger Woods On Pace To Win A Bet Against John Smoltz

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The PGA Championship was the last chance for Tiger Woods to avoid doing something he has not done since 2004, go a whole calendar year without winning a major title.

In true Tiger fashion he would not let himself down as he played well enough on Sunday to hold off the competition and win his 13th major championship. He is on pace to shatter Jack Nicklaus’ major championship record in the next few years.

The interesting side note to this championship win was a bet that was made in the baseball off season between Woods and Atlanta Braves pitcher John Smoltz.

The two get together throughout the year to play golf together, and this year in spring training, they made a bet.

Tiger bet that he would win more tournaments than Smoltz would have wins this season. The way the bet works is, every win by Tiger on the tour equals three Smoltz victories.

Tiger has won 5 tournaments after Sundays PGA win, which equals 15 victories from Smoltz. As of Sunday, Smoltz only had ten wins, and although winning five more games down the stretch is possible, it is not likely.

So once again, Tiger will most likely prove that he is not just the best in his sport, but one of the greatest athletes of a generation.

Talk Gambling

NFL Season is Around The Corner So Let’s Talk Gambling

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The controversy surrounding the NBA right now regarding illegal gambling by an official, brings a cloud over the industry of sports gambling. That will not affect us, though, as my time off this summer was long enough, and its time to get down to the business of how to make some money, and our first stop is NFL AFC Conference odds on teams to win their division.

We begin in the AFC East, where, of course, the odds makers have chosen the New England Patriots, with a price of -520. That means you must lay $520 to win $100. I don’t see that as much of a bargain, and since I’m in the business of making money, i like to take a shot with the Miami Dolphins at +800. Cam Cameron will revive this offense, and the Dolphins will compete for this division, so I’ll take my chances with 8-1 odds.

In the North division, the Ravens are a slight favorite at +140. After having a solid season last year, they could repeat, but the more likely scenario sees the Pittsburgh Steelers and quarterback Ben Roethlisberger having a bit of a rebound season, and at 2.5 to one, there’s good value there.

The South division has belonged to the Indianapolis Colts, who once again are the favorites at -350. If you must pick an upset winner from the remaining teams, i guess go with the star power of Vince Young and the Tennessee Titans, at +1400.

The West will be one of the toughest divisions in the league once again and the San Diego Chargers are the favorite here at -160. The Chiefs have lost their starting quarterback, and star running back Larry Johnson plans to sit out training camp over a contract dispute, so for no justifiable reason at all, i take a shot with the Chiefs at +650.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a preview of the NFL’s NFC Conference, in which odds have been thrown into a tizzy due to the recent indictment of Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick.

Preseason Gambling

NFL Preseason Gambling Odds For First Week Has Low Totals

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NFL preseason football games can be as boring as watching paint dry for some, but for the gamblers of the world, it is the time they’ve been saving up for the entire off season.

Many casual gamblers do not waste their time, or their money, on betting basketball or baseball, so when the NFL preseason begins last year’s losses are forgotten and it’s time for a fresh start.

This weekend the majority of teams will play their first games of the 2007 season. and while the outcome does not mean much to the teams playing, many gamblers will have their eyes glued to the television until time runs out.

Week one of the preseason is dominated by low totals throughout the league. Of the 14 games scheduled for this weekend, only two have totals of 37, the other 12 are all below the 37 number.

This happens for two reason’s, one, teams only play their starting teams for, at the most, one series of downs. the second reason is that coaches just want to get out of these games without injury, so they play more of a ball control offense, which in turn, keeps the scoring down.

So a bit of advice to all the gamblers who have seem to forgotten this from last year, before you go jumping on the overs in these games, remember, just cause it’s the preseason does not mean the odds makers in Vegas are giving away their money, so tread the waters carefully.

NFL Preseason Betting Odds

NFL Preseason Betting Odds Still Have Low Game Totals For Week 2

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Here’s a tip for gamblers for the upcoming NFL season, stay away from the Washington Redskins and St. Louis Rams. There will be 13 games played between Thursday and Saturday, and the Skins and Rams are the only two home underdogs.

The totals for the 13 games are again low, just as they were for the first week, with no game this weekend having a total of over 40.

Actually, 38 is the highest total of the week, and that’s not even that high considering the games that hold that total. One is the Rams, who host San Diego. The other is New Orleans at Cincinnati. Those games, if played in the regular season would most likely have totals up in the high 40’s.

The fact that 11 of the 13 games have home favorites tell you that odds makers had to favor someone in the game, so they chose the home teams. Take your chances on the dogs this weekend because some of them have to win. Money line plays might be the way to go, at least you can maximize your winnings if the dog wins outright.

Notable eye raisers for this weekend are Green Bay giving a point to Seattle, and Cleveland giving 2.5 to Detroit.

Week 3 will be as close to a regular season game as can be expected, as most starters will play at least a half, so look for betting lines to be a bit more accurate than in week 2.

Titans Vince Young To Play Tonight Against The Patriots

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The NFL preseason resumes tonight in four cities, but the eyes of the league will be on a game in New England, where Vince Young will take his first game snaps from center when the Patriots play the Titans.

New England will be using the game to get the timing down between new receiver Randy Moss and star quarterback Tom Brady.

This is the Titans second game, but Young was held out of the first game by Titans coach Jeff Fisher for violating a team rule.

In other action tonight, Philadelphia hosts Carolina. The Eagles are favored by 3 and the total is 35.

Atlanta, who is playing at Buffalo, will be looking for a replacement for Michael Vick, he will most likely miss the entire season due to his legal troubles. The Bills are favored by 3 with a total of 34.

Minnesota and the Jets also will be playing in New York. The focus of this game will be Adrien Peterson, the Vikings young running back. The Jets will be playing the game without Curtis Martin, who retired before training camp. New York is favored by 4, and the total is 35.

Hall of Fame

NFL Has Lower Standards Then MLB When Dealing With Hall of Fame

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The NFL is getting ready for a spectacular weekend leading up to the enshrinement of their latest inductees, and while all spirits will be high, it once again shows why baseball carries the highest standards when related to the hall of fame.

The NFL has done a far superior job compared to Major League Baseball over the past ten to fifteen years in almost every aspect of business.

It has dealt with problems from within, while baseball chose to ignore internal problems. The marketing strategy has been far superior as football has become one of the most popular sports in the world.

But when it comes to the hall of fame that both sports possess, it is a given that the baseball hall of fame is one of the tightest fraternities in all of sports, which comes from the highest of standards that every member is held to.

This weekend Michael Irvin will be inducted into the pro football hall of fame, and although his on field numbers make him worthy, his off field incidents would have kept him out of baseball’s highest honor.

The NFL did acknowledge the off field problems last year by not voting him as a first ballot

selection, but that only lasted for one year, as he was elected on his second try.

Baseball, on the other hand, saw Mark McGuire only receive just over 25 percent of the vote necessary last year. The sentiment is that until McGuire comes clean about his involvement with steroids, he can forget ever being close to gaining the votes needed to enter the hall.

Another example from baseball is Pete Rose. Rose is the all time hits leader, and is so far out in front on that record, that nobody might ever pass him. His involvement with gambling on his sport has held Rose, one of the greatest players of all time, out of the hall of fame.

So in the end, football forgives much quicker for the sins committed while players were performing, while baseball chooses to keep it’s highest honor reserved for players who, not only represented the game for what they did on the field, but off the field as well.