NFL Has Lower Standards Then MLB When Dealing With Hall of Fame


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The NFL is getting ready for a spectacular weekend leading up to the enshrinement of their latest inductees, and while all spirits will be high, it once again shows why baseball carries the highest standards when related to the hall of fame.

The NFL has done a far superior job compared to Major League Baseball over the past ten to fifteen years in almost every aspect of business.

It has dealt with problems from within, while baseball chose to ignore internal problems. The marketing strategy has been far superior as football has become one of the most popular sports in the world.

But when it comes to the hall of fame that both sports possess, it is a given that the baseball hall of fame is one of the tightest fraternities in all of sports, which comes from the highest of standards that every member is held to.

This weekend Michael Irvin will be inducted into the pro football hall of fame, and although his on field numbers make him worthy, his off field incidents would have kept him out of baseball’s highest honor.

The NFL did acknowledge the off field problems last year by not voting him as a first ballot

selection, but that only lasted for one year, as he was elected on his second try.

Baseball, on the other hand, saw Mark McGuire only receive just over 25 percent of the vote necessary last year. The sentiment is that until McGuire comes clean about his involvement with steroids, he can forget ever being close to gaining the votes needed to enter the hall.

Another example from baseball is Pete Rose. Rose is the all time hits leader, and is so far out in front on that record, that nobody might ever pass him. His involvement with gambling on his sport has held Rose, one of the greatest players of all time, out of the hall of fame.

So in the end, football forgives much quicker for the sins committed while players were performing, while baseball chooses to keep it’s highest honor reserved for players who, not only represented the game for what they did on the field, but off the field as well.

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