NFL Preseason Gambling Odds For First Week Has Low Totals

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NFL preseason football games can be as boring as watching paint dry for some, but for the gamblers of the world, it is the time they’ve been saving up for the entire off season.

Many casual gamblers do not waste their time, or their money, on betting basketball or baseball, so when the NFL preseason begins last year’s losses are forgotten and it’s time for a fresh start.

This weekend the majority of teams will play their first games of the 2007 season. and while the outcome does not mean much to the teams playing, many gamblers will have their eyes glued to the television until time runs out.

Week one of the preseason is dominated by low totals throughout the league. Of the 14 games scheduled for this weekend, only two have totals of 37, the other 12 are all below the 37 number.

This happens for two reason’s, one, teams only play their starting teams for, at the most, one series of downs. the second reason is that coaches just want to get out of these games without injury, so they play more of a ball control offense, which in turn, keeps the scoring down.

So a bit of advice to all the gamblers who have seem to forgotten this from last year, before you go jumping on the overs in these games, remember, just cause it’s the preseason does not mean the odds makers in Vegas are giving away their money, so tread the waters carefully.

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